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Signing Tool 2018 Available - Reminder Wade Redden Rule

Hey Everyone!

Our favourite oh crap moment of the off season has arrived. Ie: My player wants how much?? Lol

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Happy New Year! Jan 6, 2019 Free Agency Opening

Happy New Year Everyone

Mine started off sick with the flu.  Been a while since I got one this bad.  Still fighting it, but ok enough to fly to Montreal.  Cute, my daughter goes to me and says, so you're sick, so you don't have to goto work then!

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Happy Holidays

Hey everyone

Just wanted to wish you all a great holiday season.

May you all have BFHL championships in your stockings!

Best Regards


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Dec 2nd Free Agency Window - Prima Donnas in BFHL

Even Joe Thornton refusing guaranteed money.  Prima Donnas should just sit the whole season! Wink

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Nov 4 2018 Free Agency

Thanks to Worgs GM for managing simming the past few weeks.  A couple more days and I'm back in Vancouver.  Got a chance to meet Advocates, Honey Badgers and Thrashers GMs, thanks a lot for the hospitality, next rounds are on me.


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