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**Next Year Changes (2020-2021 Signing Sheet not 2019-2020)**

Note, this is a change for 2020-2021 signing sheet - not for the upcoming 2019-2020 free agent signing sheet.  

I spent a lot of time listening to other GM's about their concerns and went to analyze new data to see if the signing sheet can be improved for the future.  The reason it's not implemented for this upcoming year is because it can potentially change other GM's signing strategies so want everyone to have a year to plan accordingly. 

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Can't Sim, fix your Rosters! A small offersheet! Oct 13 FA signing Results

Hey Everyone, 

Season start just around the corner!  Turned on the season and have a bunch of errors Smile  Please fix!: 

Kenobi are expected to be over the salary cap by $10,580,709!
Philly are expected to be over the salary cap by $836,662!
Rampage are expected to be under the minimum salary cap by $3,771,666!
Maximum Pro Players Limit Reached for Advocates!
Sheep are expected to be over the salary cap by $3,624,358!
Torpedos Farm are expected to be over the farm salary cap by $242,372!
Bullies are expected to be over the salary cap by $4,079,416!

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Season Start October 15th! Goalie Stats Update, Last preseason signing round

Hey All

Been dying a little bit from work lately, but woke up enough to update some things like signings, trades and stuff!

Season is set to start Oct 15th!

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Signings & Trades Processed. Please Welcome New GM Keith

Hey Everyone

Sorry for the delay, work killing me extra this week.  I love it when I theorectly have two others on my team but net team total is -1.  Yea yea, maybe I'm the -3! Wink  Anyways, that's what alcohol is for.

On that note, triple check your rosters!  I processed the signings and all trades.  Final signing deadlines: Oct 7 & Oct 14, 2019 8 pm PST

On a sad note, have to wish Nespresso well as he's stepping away from the game for other priorities.  I blame the Habs affinity to smaller players.  Nespresso is a tall guy.  It wasn't working out.

On a plus side, the team has transferred from one habs, espresso loving, fan to another habs, poutine loving fan.  Please welcome Keith who has promptly renamed the team to the Poutiners.  He's a friend of Gunners and I'm very happy that our group continues to draw from within.  Thanks for helping out everyone.


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