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**Next Year Changes (2020-2021 Signing Sheet not 2019-2020)**

Note, this is a change for 2020-2021 signing sheet - not for the upcoming 2019-2020 free agent signing sheet.  

I spent a lot of time listening to other GM's about their concerns and went to analyze new data to see if the signing sheet can be improved for the future.  The reason it's not implemented for this upcoming year is because it can potentially change other GM's signing strategies so want everyone to have a year to plan accordingly. 

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2019-20 BFHL Champions: Honey Badgers! - Draft Lotto Results

Congratulations to the Honey Badgers for the third Newcombe-Todd cup in franchaise history!

Quite the turnaround as a lottery team last year and then owning the league all year and eventually the championship!

Nice work to all you GMs working the lineups hard, thanks for playing.

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Newcombe - Todd Cup Final! - Honey Badgers & Gunners!

Hey Everyone

I hope you're all doing as well as can be and your familes are safe.

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Playoffs Ready to Go!

Hey Everyone!

Playoff files are up!  Switch over to file here

Get your lines in, first sim is Saturday night!

Good luck everyone!


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OMG it's Playoffs!

**This article has been updated to apply proper credit** cheeky

Well what a season.  Amid all the COVID-19 issues, BFHL has been able to navigate through the obstacles, keep the fans and players safe and finish the season as scheduled!  Well done!.  Congratulations to (Thanks Primetime and Kenobi for the update ;))

  • HoneyBadgers, Presidents Cup!
  • Award Nominations (discuss away Lol


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